A clown fish costume can be a vibrant,play superhero costume maker ful deviation from the run of the mill household fish halloween costumes. This costume provides. Superhero costumes, superhero paty theme and accesories. Nova tailoring and Cosplay/Costume maker. Costume factory costume mascot makers : Our professional team can create any. Create your Own Superhero for Free with hero ized Select your hero set. Super Hero maker is dress-up game that lets you create your very own personal superhero.

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Ever dream about being a superhero? Then you must try this game! Start by giving your hero an identity and then samsung an awesome costume! It doesn't end there because you'll also decide his super powers and abilities for battle! When finished, share with your friends! features: hundreds of Hero combinations! huge selection of costumes, masks, and more! really easy to Use! fun for Kids and Adults!

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When he was out of costume, la rue cut a surprisingly manly figure and had a crushing handshake. He is said to have once punched a man who impugned the honour of his friend Barbara windsor. Annie says: In the flesh, not in costume, i was struck by what a handsome man he was. He was slim, elegant and had the most beautiful manners. Danny ordered two cloaks from Annie one in white, one in black and three more outfits. Before long, she was designing and making all his stagewear, from ideas dreamed up by him. He was exacting to work for, she says. So much so, that looking after Danny became her life.

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Could I sew, raalte they asked. Well, i never looked back. A spierstelsel spell working for a costume company in New York was followed by six years with theatrical costumiers Bermans, in London. In 1970, she started her own business making costumes for tv and stage productions, dressing some of the most famous names of the day, such as Shirley bassey and the glamorous Top Of The pops dance troupe pans people. She made 50 frocks for Shirley, meeting her for fittings at the dorchester.

Annie with Danny in Australia in 1981. Her 'greatest friend in the world'. It was in February 1979 that Danny flicked on late-night television after another bill-topping performance at the london Palladium and had his eye caught by a shimmering beaded cloak worn by the female half of American singing duo captain tennille. Danny wanted one, and summoned its creator. I was convinced it was a wind-up, Annie recalls. But I was thrilled. To me, danny was everything that costumes were made for.

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But it was the bright-eyed figure of Annie, barely 5ft tall, who was the centre of attention. She says: Suddenly, i was in the spotlight. Everybody wanted a piece of me and that felt very odd. I was used to dan being the centre of attention and I was more than happy with that. Not that she lacks a sense of self-worth. I like to think i was good at what I did and I certainly had a flourishing career before we met.

But Dan changed my life for ever, she says. Stately: Danny outside his 17th century home, walton Hall, in 1976. The only child of a plasterer and a tailoress mother, Annie was born and brought up in Tunbridge wells. She inherited her mothers dressmaking skills. She recalls: At school, the needlework teacher would tell the other girls to come to me if they were having problems with their stitching and I was only 12 at the time. Her life changed one summer when, as a teenager, she went to stay with relatives in New York and Marthas Vineyard on the new England coast. Annie says: I loved the theatre, so i went to see the local repertory company and asked if they had any work.

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Yet she had been an indispensable part of Dannys advies success at the height of his career, when the gowns she created drew gasps from his audiences. And she was there to rescue him when the money had gone and when illness struck. Danny had called her house in Tunbridge wells, kent, home ever since he suffered a stroke in 2006. There, annie sits in a room that is now a shrine, with dozens of portraits and photographs of the star, underarm including an enlarged shot in a golden frame on the mantelpiece. He was a lovely, loving, giving man, generous to a fault and with the ability to make me laugh more than anyone ive met before or since, she says. Daniel Patrick carroll obe, his real name, lost his battle with cancer of the oesophagus on may 31 this year, aged. His Requiem Mass was attended by stars including Barbara windsor, ronnie corbett and roy hudd. Judi dench, Shirley bassey and paul OGrady sent flowers.

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I looked at him. Dont tell me youve gone with no argument at all, i said. Then i kissed my fingertips, placed them on his lips and said, god rest your soul and bless you. Thank you for being there. Nothing had been left unsaid. Danny la rue and Annie galbraith made unlikely life companions. He was the best-known female impersonator in the world, a time risqué, champagne-swilling comedian loved for his portrayals of Zsa Zsa gabor, Elizabeth taylor and other icons of voluptuous femininity. Annie was a theatrical costumier, devoted to her work, happiest when shielded from the public gaze. Glitz: Danny, pictured here in 1970, was a world-renowned female impersonator.

Now, in an exclusive interview, she reveals the details of his final moments and the depth of the tenderness in their relationship. Soul mates: Annie galbraith with best friend Danny la rue on a cruise in the late 1990s. The pair shared a 30-year friendship. Annie says: The priest left. The tv was on in Dans room. I was chatting to him and holding his hand. Something caught my eye on the screen and then I realised there was suddenly no aziatische sound coming from Dan. I put my hand on his chest. There was no movement.

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His final drukgevoel exit was perhaps the quietest of his remarkable career. Danny la rues millions were long gone, so were the beautiful properties and his retinue of staff. There were no celebrity well-wishers on hand. But that is not to say he was alone. For the past 30 years, Annie galbraith had been Dannys costume maker, listening post and devoted friend. And she was his tireless carer as his life ebbed away. Annie, 66, has never before spoken about their time together.

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