Throughout the early years of her marriage and even after the birth of her first child, leonard, in 1933, lauder continued to refine and improve her uncle's creams, cooking up concoctions on her kitchen stove. To create a market for her product, she gave free demonstrations and makeovers at salons, hotels, the subway and even in the street. She also began visiting the homes of her clients, where she would make up their friends and sell more cream. It wasn't long before lauder was a fixture on the guest lists of New York city's most influential hostesses. Realizing that social contacts were vital in the beauty business, lauder decided to make her childhood dreams come true by becoming an elegant lady of refinement and distinction. Through fabrications and embellishments of the truth and by dressing like her customers and imitating their behavior, lauder made herself into a sophisticated and debonair lady of beauty-a role that quickly became indistinguishable from reality.

estee lauder sale marketing and merchandising at an early age, saying, "To sell a cream, you sold a dream in the early days.". But before she could realize her dream of becoming a glamorous skin-care specialist, Estee met and married Joseph lauter, a moderately successful textile salesman, and moved with him to manhattan. Shortly thereafter, the couple adopted the original Austrian spelling of their surname, lauder, which would later add credence to Estee's false claim that she was born in vienna.

Only when an unauthorized biography threatened to expose the truth did lauder "come clean rushing into print an autobiography titled Estee: a success Story. Born Josephine Esther Mentzer in 1908, the would-be Grand Dame of beauty grew up in the corona section of queens, new York. Her background was indeed European-her parents, max Mentzer and Rose (Schotz) Mentzer, were jewish immigrants from Hungary and czechoslovakia, but they were far from high society. Her father owned a hardware store, above which the family lived. In her autobiography, lauder admits that as a child she was ashamed of her parents' "old-country ways" and heavily accented English. "Both were european in every straight-laced way she writes, "and I desperately wanted to be serum 100 percent American." Working in her father's store instilled in lauder an understanding of retailing and entrepreneurship at a young age. But what she really dreamed of was "being an actress-name in lights, flowers, handsome men she explains. Shortly after World War i erupted, lauder's uncle, john Schotz, came to live with the family. A chemist who specialized in making his own "secret" skin-care products, Schotz set up a makeshift laboratory in the tiny stable behind the mentzer's house and began concocting his creams with young Estee at his side. "I recognized in my Uncle john my true path.

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October 10, 2008 9 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. Estee lauder, founder of Estee lauder Inc. Founded: 1946 "I didn't get here by dreaming or thinking about. I got here by doing.". Estee lauder, estee lauder built a cosmetics empire on the motto, "There are no homely women, only careless women." by convincing those "careless women" they could become beautiful-with a little help from her products-she took on the giants of the cosmetics world and won. Starting with little more than a dream, through extraordinary ambition, impeccable taste, perseverance, innovative marketing and hard work, this creative visionary nederland became the wealthiest self-made woman in America and created a family dynasty that continues today. Thanks to the romantic, mythical background she created for herself, little was known of lauder's childhood life until 1985. For years, she gleefully misled the media with stories claiming she was a countess of genteel European background.

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