The golgi apparatus packages things and sends them out of the cell. A post office does the same thing. The golgi apparatus is like the stomach for to also stores protein as the golgi apparatus does as well but in stead for a cell. The golgi bodies act like a post office. Proteins and othermaterials are paired up to form packets which gets delivered toother parts of the cell. Thee ribosomes make the proteins. The mitochondria are the power houses.

golgi body analogy as the post Office of a cell packing up items and shipping them out. Golgi bodies are stacked, flattened membranes which sort proteins and other cellular substances and package them into membrane-bound structures called vesicles. The golgi bodies are responsible for packaging and moving proteins to the outside of the cell. The post office of the cell, the golgi apparatus packages proteinsand other molecules. Then the golgi deliver them to where they areneeded.

An example of such an analogy would be a packaging robot, used in factories to quickly encase products and send them elsewhere down the "assembly line." 5 people found this useful, for the flagellum. I guess u could do a motor, or an engine froma car. You could do like a mail room. Forthe golgi Apparatus, i would put Fedex because they basicallyrevieve mail and redistribute. The golgi Apparatus is like the post office of the cell. Itpackages proteins and other molecules and sends fruit them to theirdestination. In a restaurant, a waiter because they transport the plates fromkitchen to table. In a factory, the shipping and receiving department. NA good analogy for Golgi bodies is a manufacturing plant or a shipping center. They take "raw materials" like proteins and lipids and modify them and send them out as a final product. Letters : Post Office : Proteins nuxe : Golgi Apparatus The golgi Apparatus packages proteins from the ribosome and prepares them to be shipped out of the cell.

golgi body analogy

What is an analogy for Golgi body

52 terms cell membrane structure lipid bilayer, proteins, carbs, cholesterol cell membrane function regulates what enters and leaves the cell cell membrane analogy security guard cell wall structure cellulose in plants cell wall function supports, shapes, and protects plant cell cell wall analogy wall surrounding. What would peeling you like to do? The, español golgi apparatus (also called the, golgi body, golgi complex, or dictyosome ) is an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells. It was identified in 1898 by the Italian physician Camillo golgi and was named after him. The primary function of the golgi apparatus is to process and package the macromolecules such as proteins and lipids that are synthesized by the cell. It is particularly important in the processing of proteins for secretion. The golgi apparatus forms a part of the endomembrane system of eukaryotic cells.

What is, golgi apparatus

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golgi body analogy

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golgi body analogy

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The golgi body is a cell organelle that is part of the cellular endomembrane system found in eukaryotic cells. It tablets is also called the golgi apparatus or Golgi complex. Would be the storage department, delivers, or shippers in the mall package. Products and ship them off to other. The golgi body is also known as the golgi complex, golgi apparatus or simply the golgi. This organelle found in most eukaryotic cells. Golgi body definition, an organelle, consisting of layers of flattened sacs, that takes up and processes secretory and synthetic products from the endoplasmic reticulum and then either releases the finished. The trans face of the golgi body is analogous to the shipping division of the department, and is the site from which modified and packaged macromolecules are transported to their destinations. "Alibaba's stock soars toward record as upbeat revenue outlook draws cheers at investor day".

A good analogy for Golgi bodies is a manufacturing plant or a shipping center. They take "raw materials" like proteins and lipids and modify them and send them out as a final product. (Im assuming were after Golgi apparatus here). Id go with post office. What is an analogy for youth? Golgi bodies - lichaam janitor or anyone who packages and removes items from the school. This is a pretty common assignment in life science. An analogy is just a comparison, so look at what each part of the. The golgi apparatus, also known as the golgi complex or body, performs the essential role of sifting through the fragments of various macromolecules in the process of synthesis by the rough.

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Golgi body analogy
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