Then, i  add 2 teaspoons each of thyme, rosemary, and oregano. To intensify the herbs, I cover the pan for 5 minutes with a lid, and then remove lid and the sick person leans over the pot (careful not to touch it). The person covers his or her head with a towel to hold in the steam and breathes the steam to help ease discomfort. We try to breathe in the steam as long as we can, or for about 15 minutes. This seems to help loosen congestion and soothe the throat and sinuses. Herbal teas, herbal teas can also be very soothing during illness. I personally like chamomile and peppermint for easing discomfort. I keep my ten favorite herbal teas on hand all the time, but we drink them often during illness.

herbal home remedies water. For my kids, Ill also mix with honey or maple syrup or add to food to tone down the taste. Face Steam, i love this incredibly soothing remedy that is easily made with kitchen herbs. What I do: I boil 1-2 cups of water in a large pot and remove from the heat.

Of course, its important to see a medical professional for any major or serious illness. . In cases where Id just pay a co-pay to have stomamateriaal a doctor tell me to give my kids water and soup, i spend the money on these remedies instead. (And we do go to the doctor for anything major or serious or that lasts longer than a few days.). For illnesses that conventional medicine cant do much for anyway, i turn to these natural remedies. They wont knock out all symptoms or provide the pain relief of an over the counter, but they help ease the crappish feeling of a cold (super scientific term, eh?). Kitchen Remedies to ease discomfort, even if I dont have access to my whole natural medicine cabinet, some simple grocery store remedies can make a big difference! These are my go-to kitchen remedies: Lots of Water, i find that we all feel better when we stay well hydrated, but especially during illness. Doctors often recommend rest and hydration for minor illness and the advice is sound. . At first sign of illness, we make sure to sip water all day to support the bodys natural healing process. This remedy is mostly free but super important. One of natures most potent remedies is also one of the easiest to find.

herbal home remedies

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Once upon a time, or actually twice upon a time now, weve met up with several families for a week of vacation. With 20 kids in one house for a week, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out, lots of things, but one in particular: All the kids getting sick. It was super fun or not so much. The symptoms, they had many of the common symptoms of colds and flus, like: fever, body Ache, respiratory symptoms, headache. Dry/sore throat, natural Cold and Flu remedies, the incident not-so-lovingly-known as the great minor cold pandemic of family vacation was not serious and passed pretty quickly, but we had a rough couple of days. Thankfully, many of the moms are well-versed in natural remedies and collectively pulled out the herbs, spices, raw honey, garlic, essential oils, and supplements to get the kids through it face pretty quickly.

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herbal home remedies

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herbal home remedies

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