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la prairie platinum rare eye

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The first feeling is the sight. As soon as you delicately place a single drop of Cellular eye essence platinum rare on your skin, you can see the different platinum particles as they give a sort of pale gold iridescent effect. The formulation is very new, between a cream and serum. When you apply it on your skin, you can feel how quickly the formula penetrates. It lifts your skin and let you with a baby skin pretty much immediately. After almost a week of testing, the results are really promising. The use of this new face care product is really simple, no matter if it is in the morning or in the evening. Well done la prairie. The packaging is quite interesting as it has a drop-count integrated in the cap.

la prairie platinum rare eye

The key element is a powerful. It is a compound based on platinum particles bonded with an age-fighting Tetrapeptide to help enhance firmness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area and improve skin elasticity and hydration. . la prairie scientists discovered that this binding of platinum particles. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-17, an anti-wrinkle and firming peptide not only enhances protective benefits but allows the formed Platinum Peptide to be protected from peptide-destroying enzymes that exist naturally in the epidermis, allowing it to work more effectively and longer. Other interesting ingredients and properties you will find in this incredible product are the following: Colloidal Platinum Water for skin balance, black tea ferment to dicrease glycation, white bird of Paradise plant Extract to restore luminosity and fight dark circles. Green Microalgae oligopeptide to reduce redness, la Prairie recommends to use is as here.

You can simply dispense a drop into the palm of your hands. Then, using the fingertips, you can smoothly and gently apply around the contour of the eyes. Do not forget to also massage the frown lines between eyebrows. You can use it in the morning rock and in the evening. Its intelligent formula will completely melt in your skin and you can easily wear it with your day and night cream.

Platinum Rare, la Prairie

According to la prairie: driven by its mission to provide age-defying benefits to the skin, scientists at la prairie discovered that Platinum helps the skin maintain perfect electrical balance in order to improve hydration, protection, goji and receptivity to nutrients, transforming the skin to a remarkably. The interesting thing about Platinum is that it tends to work in synergy with peptides, vitamins, antioxidants español or firming agents. This makes Platinum a great ingredient for a cosmetic product. The current range is composed with: moisturizers, cellular Cream Platinum Rare, 30 ml, cellular Cream Platinum Rare, 50 ml, serum. Cellular Serum Platinum Rare, 30 ml, eye, cellular eye cream Platinum Rare, 20 ml, with a price range from chf 432 (US 477) to chf 1380 (US 1524 the Platinum collection is definitely one of the top luxury ranges currently in the market. Cellular eye essence Platinum Rare, eternal youth for your eyes. The new eye treatment is a state of the art in terms of skincare formulation. It contains a series of hand picked elements bringing to your skin the best that nature and science can offer.

la prairie platinum rare eye

La prairie by, la Prairie: cellular

One great example would be the skin barok caviar collection that became a benchmark in terms of prestige. The Platinum Collection, rare and precious. Among different collections in the Swiss brand portfolio, there is the Platinum collection. It is supposed to be the ultimate rejuvenating skincare collection. The main key ingredient is Platinum from the earths molten crust. One of earths rarest resources recharges skins electrical balance and safeguards skin to intercept ageing at its source. Here is a short video illustrating the philosophy of this skincare collection. Platinum is one of the rarest material in the world. It is a very high valued precious-metal and it gives the inspiration for the creation of this la prairie collection.

La prairie has an amazing heritage to the famous Clinique la prairie at Montreux in Switzerland. This heritage consists by being pioneer in terms calorieen of Cellular research and anti-aging therapy. In 1978, la prairie skincare story starts with the launch of the eye contour cream, the brand first it cream. Thanks to the tremendous success, the skincare laboratories were created in 1982 and its independent scientists discovered amazing ingredients since then. Some of them were very rare and beneficial so they integrated them into la prairie formulas. This is what la prairie says about its prestigious history: la prairies unique combination of advanced science, sumptuous formulas and the fastidious attention to the details of luxury have created a prestige brand that is often imitated but never surpassed. It constantly pushes the limits of anti-aging possibilities with never-before seen benefits. During decades, la prairie developed continuously different product ranges and discovered amazing ingredients that would blow your mind in terms of efficiency and luxury. Never a brand invested so much to find the perfect balance between pure luxury, exclusivity and skincare efficiency.

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Reading Time: 7 industriele minutes, la Prairie is the ultimate luxury skincare brand. The Swiss brand is one of the worldwide leaders in selective skincare, renowned for the scientific integrity of its products and its unparalleled commitment to perfection. This fall la prairie is launching a new extraordinary product called. Cellular eye essence platinum rare. It will complete the Platinum collection. La prairie is a top skincare brand and each of its products is worth the price you would pay for them. La prairie, a story of cutting edge luxury and perfection.

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