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"Alibaba's ipo priced at 68 a share". "Bombardier Celebrates aviation Milestones: 1,000th Dash 8/q-series Turboprop and 400th Global Business Jet." m, november 12, 2010. "Cranberries stars could laserontharing face off in the high court". "Dornier 328 Jet: The "Real" regional jet?" huisje Flug review, march 30, 1997. "I'm always looking for alternatives to ebay she said. "Dash 8-fly forulykket i kastrup." Politiken. " Snow (hey oh) " was released in late 2006, breaking multiple records by 2007. "It's brain chemistry she says, although she doesn't really follow a routine.

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Citation needed air Canada was a crown corporation at the time, and both boeing and Airbus were competing heavily via political channels for the contract. It was eventually won by airbus, which received an order for 34 A320 aircraft in a highly controversial move. The allegations of bribery are today known as the airbus affair. Following its failure in the competition, citation needed boeing immediately put de havilland Canada up for sale. The company was eventually purchased by bombardier in 1992. All Dash 8s delivered from the second quarter of 1996 (including all Series 400s) include the Active noise and Vibration System designed to reduce cabin noise and vibration levels to nearly those of jet airliners. To emphasize their quietness, bombardier renamed the dash 8 models as the q-series turboprops (Q200, Q300, and Q400). 4 The dash 8100 is no longer in production, with the last Dash 8102 built in 2005. Production of the Q200 and Q300 ceased in may 2009.

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9 In response to this project, as of november 2007, atr was studying a 90-seat stretch., bombardier commercial aircraft president Gary Scott indicated that the Q400X will be "definitely part of our future" for possible introduction in 201314, although he has not detailed the size. 11 As of July 2010, bombardier's vice president, Phillipe poutissou, made comments explaining the company was still studying the prospects of designing the Q400X and talking with potential customers. At the time, bombardier was not as committed to the Q400X as it had been previously. 12 As of may 2011, bombardier was still strongly committed to the stretch, but envisioned it as more likely as a 2015 or later launch, complicating launch date matters were new powerplants to come online in 2016 from ge and pwc. 13 As of February 2012, bombardier was still studying the issue, but as of 2011, the launch date is no longer targeted for the 2014 range.

At least a three-year delay was envisioned. 14 In October 2012, a joint development deal with a government-led south Korean consortium was revealed, blackheads to develop a 90-seater turboprop regional airliner, targeting a 2019 launch date. The consortium would include korea aerospace Industries and Korean Air Lines. 15 Operational history edit a flybe Q400 taking off, showing planform The dash 8 was introduced at a particularly advantageous time; most airlines were in the process of adding new aircraft to their fleets fraiche as the airline industry expanded greatly in the 1980s. The older generation of regional airliners from the 1950s and 1960s was nearing retirement, leading to high sales figures. De havilland Canada was unable to meet the demand with sufficient production. In 1988, boeing bought the company in a bid to improve production at dhc's Downsview Airport plants, as well as better position itself to compete for a new Air Canada order for large intercontinental airliners.

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The dash 8 design has better cruise performance than the dash 7, is less expensive to operate, and is much less expensive to maintain, due largely to having only two engines. It is a little noisier than the dash 7 and cannot match the stol performance of its earlier dhc forebears, although it is still able to operate from small airports with 3,000 ft (910 m) runways, compared to the 2,200 ft (670 m) required by a fully laden Dash. In April 2008, bombardier announced that production of the classic versions (Series 100, 200, 300) would be ended, leaving the series 400 as the only dash 8 still in production. A total of 671 Dash 8 classics were produced; the last one was delivered to air Nelson in may 2008. 6 At the february 2016 Singapore airshow, bombardier announced a high density 90-seat layout of the Q400 which should enter service in 2018: keeping the 28 in (71 cm) seat pitch of the nok air 86-seats, an extra row of seats is allowed by changing the configuration. The payload is increased by 2,000 pounds (910 kg) and the aircraft maintenance check intervals are increased: 800 hours from 600 for an A-check and 8,000 hours from 6,000 for a c-check. 7 Bombardier wants to produce the Q400 more economically as its machinists union allowed in June 2017 assembly of the wings and cockpit section outside canada and searches for potential partners. The cockpit section was expected to be produced in Bombardier's plant in queretaro, mexico as the wings would be outsourced to China's Shenyang Aircraft Corp, which already builds the Q400's centre fuselage. 8 Q400 stretch hands edit The interior of a sas commuter dhc-8-402 cabin in 2004 Bombardier proposed development of a q400 stretch with two plug-in segments, called the Q400X project, in 2007.

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In 1980, de havilland responded by dropping cellular the short-field performance requirement and adapting the basic Dash 7 layout to use only two, more powerful engines. Its favoured engine supplier, Pratt whitney canada, developed the new PW100 series engines for the role, more than doubling the power from its. Originally designated the pt7A-2R engine, it later became the pw120. When the dash 8 rolled out on April 19, 1983, more than 3,800 hours of testing had been accumulated over two years on five pw100 series test engines. Certification of the pw120 followed in late 1983. 5, distinguishing features of the dash 8 design are the large. T-tail intended to keep the tail free of prop wash during takeoff, a very high aspect ratio wing, the elongated engine nacelles also holding the rearward-folding landing gear, and the pointed nose profile. First flight was on June 20, 1983, and the airliner entered service in 1984 with. In 1984, piedmont Airlines, formerly henson Airlines, was the first us customer for the dash.

Pratt whitney canada pw100. The aircraft has been delivered in four series. The series 100 has a maximum capacity of 39, the series 200 lichaam has the same capacity but offers more powerful engines, the series 300 is a stretched, 50-seat version, and the series 400 is further stretched to 78 passengers. Models delivered after 1997 have cabin noise suppression and are designated with the prefix "Q". 4, production of the series 100 ceased in 2005, and the Q200 and Q300 in 2009. Contents, design and development edit, in the 1970s, de havilland Canada had invested heavily in its Dash 7 project, concentrating on stol and short-field performance, the company's traditional area of expertise. Using four medium-power engines with large four-bladed propellers resulted in comparatively lower noise levels, which combined with its excellent stol characteristics, made the dash 7 suitable for operating from small in-city airports, a market dhc felt would be compelling. However, only a handful of air carriers employed the dash 7, as most regional airlines were more interested in operational costs than short-field performance.

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bombardier Q300 jeukende specifications, retrieved: April 6, 2008. bombardier Q400 specifications, retrieved: April 6, 2008. The, bombardier Dash 8 or, q-Series, previously known as the de havilland Canada dash 8 or, dHC-8, is a series of twin-engine, medium-range, turboprop airliners. Introduced by de havilland Canada (DHC) in 1984, they are now produced. Over 1,000 Dash 8s of all models have been built. 3, the dash 8 was developed from the de havilland Canada dash 7, which featured extreme short take-off and landing (stol) performance. With the dash 8, dhc focused on improving cruise performance and lowering operational costs. The engine chosen was the.

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