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15 Interspar these are hypermarkets and compete directly against major international chains such as real, carrefour, and Tesco. 16 17 Spar Express A filling station with a spar Express shop in Wattens, austria this is the smallest type of shop. They are designed for small sites and filling station forecourts. They are called Kwikspar in south Africa. 18 Spar Drive-thru There was a drive-through Spar on the Cliftonville road in Belfast, northern Ireland. This has now been converted to a centra shop, and retained the drive-through for a while afterhand, but now no longer has one. 19 Spar gourmet Some small Spar shops in Austria are called Spar gourmet, since the austrian Spar Group took over the supermarket chains Julius meinl in 2000. The standard range is extended to local and global delicacies.

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Citation needed The first nélkül spar shop in Oman was inaugurated in January 2015 in Muscat. Citation needed Spar Oman plans to open more shops gezicht in the coming months as part of its expansion plans in Oman. Citation needed Spar opened its first store in Qatar in 2017, with the second store opening in 2018. A further two stores are planned for 2018. 13 In March 2015 the first three shops in Indonesia were opened. Citation needed Twelve shops are planned to open in the country by the end of 2015.

Citation needed Shop types edit In most, but not all countries, spar operates shops of different types and sub-brands. Spar express, spar neighbourhood, eurospar and interspar. 14 Interspar shop in Hungary eurospar/Superspar the eurospar name is used in Europe and Superspar in south Africa. These are mid-sized supermarkets. They are designed to fit in a niche between convenience shops and traditional supermarkets.

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Citation needed In Ireland the samsung Spar brand is known for neighbourhood shops and also the subformat Eurospar acting as mini-supermarkets. Citation needed Spar opened in the republic of Vanuatu on 1 December 2009, ending au bon Marché's grocery monopoly. Citation needed since 1996, the company has been a major sponsor of the european Athletic Association and its events. 10 In 1997, Spar was introduced to most United Kingdom military bases by the navy, army and Air Force Institutes (Naafi where it sells a variety of civilian and military products. 11 The dutch Spar is a member of Superunie, an inventory purchasing organization for a number of otherwise unaffiliated supermarket brands. Citation needed In July 2014 Spar Group south Africa opened its first supermarket in Angola. In August complex 2014 the group acquired 80 of the bwg group, which had outlets in Ireland and southwest England. 12 In 2015 Ahold bought all czech shops and converted them into Albert super- and hypermarkets, however it had to get rid of some shops in order not to have a monopoly.

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Citation needed In China, the name is ( pinyin : jiā jiā yuè ; literally: "every family is pleased though the international branding is kept unchanged, with the Chinese name typically printed above. Citation needed history edit Spar was founded in 1932 in the south Holland town of Zegwaart (now zoetermeer). In 1953 an International Spar office opened in Amsterdam to control and home further develop the organisation throughout Europe and other continents. Most Spar shops are in Europe, but they can also be found in a few countries outside of Europe, such as Oman, saudi Arabia, nigeria, south Africa, botswana, namibia, zimbabwe, zambia, swaziland, australia, 7 mauritius, china, india, japan (closed 2016 United Arab Emirates, vanuatu, greenland. A spar shop may be owned independently, by a franchisee, or be part of a chain, depending on the model applied in any given country. The owners of the parent company vary from country to country and may include the shop owners themselves. The name and the current logo was most recently revised in 1968 by raymond loewy and has remained unchanged ever since. 9 In the United Kingdom Spar has become known primarily as a convenience shop.

Contents, etymology edit, the name was originally de spar, an acronym of the. Dutch phrase, door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig note 1 (English: through united co-operation everyone regularly profits). The acronym was chosen in order to resonate with the verb "spar" or "spaar" which means "save money" in some languages, hydrating among them Dutch, german, 5 and, scandinavian languages. As the organisation expanded across Europe, the name was abbreviated by dropping the "DE" prefix. Citation needed, there are some international naming variants: In Italy, the name is still. Despar, though in keeping with the international branding, the "Spar" section of the logo is highlighted, and the larger shops are still called Eurospar and Interspar. In Austria, despar is Spar's Italian food shop brand. 6, in Japan, some shops operated under the name. Hotspar, although the shop logo colouring remained unchanged.

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Select my local spar, select your enschede ArabiaseychellesSloveniasouth AfricaSpainspar internationalSri arab EmiratesUnited KingdomZambiazimbabwe. For other uses, see. Spar, trademarked as, spar, is an international group of independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers who work together in partnership under the Spar brand 2 and franchise brand with approximately 12,500 shops in 42 countries worldwide. It was founded in 1932 by Adriaan van Well. Through its affiliate organisations, Spar operates in most. European countries, parts of, africa, asia and, oceania. 3, its headquarters are in, amsterdam.

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