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Eslintrc file: "parser "babel-eslint "rules "strict 0 dan Abramov has a great write-up on setting up eslint and babel-eslint in Lint like it's 2015. It also covers how to integrate sublimeLinter-eslint into your workflow for ES2015 linting support in Sublime text. Which should you use? Try them out and stick with what works best for you. ES2015 Syntax Highlighting you'll of course want your ES2015 code to be correctly syntax highlighted. We enjoy using babel-sublime, which can be installed from Package control. When setting up, we recommend making sure to set it as the default for any files you need highlighting to work against. This will of course include js but may also cover jsx if using react. Documenting ES2015 we've historically relied on jsdoc quite heavily for documenting our javascript code.

Jscsrc files eslint eslint is an alternative linter and style checker in one. This body tool is picking up a lot of steam and has some nice features over jshint such as being able to indicate environments your javascript is written for and setting the error / warning level for specific problems. Eslint is fully customisable and provides custom linting rules where you're in the driver's seat of whether options can be switched off or toned down via its configuration files. In addition, if you're using react, eslint also works with jsx. Setting up eslint in your build process isn't too hard either. Var gulp require gulp eslint require gulp-eslint gulp.

Task lint function return. Js / eslint attaches the lint output to the eslint property / of the file object so it can be used by other modules.pipe(eslint / rmat outputs the lint results to the console. Alternatively use rmatEach (see docs).pipe(rmat / to have the process exit with an error code (1) on / lint error, return the stream and pipe to failOnError last.pipe(eslint. Task default 'lint function / This will only run if the lint task is successful. the babel team maintain babel-estlint, a tool that shop lets you lint any valid Babel code using eslint. While eslint supports custom parsers, some of the syntax supported by babel isn't directly supported by eslint so it's another option if you require even further flexibility. This can be setup by customizing the parser section of your.

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Util, 'browserify Error return st(st / This takes a source path and finds all files ending / with. Es6.js and creates the bundles to run through browserify / and babelify function handleES6Scripts(srcPath) var browserifyFileEntries ; var es6Filepaths nc(srcPath es6FileGlob rEach(function(filepath) var filename sename(filepath var directoryOfFile path. Dirname(filepath var relativedirectory lative( srcPath, directoryOfFile / Create an object and add to the browserify bundle array browserifyFileEntries. filepath, outputFilename: filename, dest: st, relativedirectory) gulp. Task scripts:es6 'scripts:lint function(cb) handleES6Scripts(c cb linting and Style Checks There are few options when linting your code for peeling possible issues and style compliance. Jshint and jscs jshint and jscs are the most common tools used for today's javascript style-checking. Jshint will highlight any possible issues in your code as well as call out any patterns generally regarded as bad practice. Jscs will look at the style of laserontharing your code, this includes things like ensuring just tabs or spaces are used and spaces are put in consistent places. To use jshint and jscs on ES2015 code you need to add "esnext true to your.

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Modules in ES6 allow you create classes and export / import classes between files. To transpile modules pass your javascript through, browserify, which will merge the files and then pass this through. Babelify (a version of Babel which can handle the output from Browserify). Var babelify require babelify var source var browserify require browserify gulp. Task babelify function browserify( remover entries: './src. Js debug: true ).transform(babelify).bundle. Pipe(st./dist/js multiple javascript Files, the above example requires you to define a specific file, which may become a bit of a burden, matt does the following in Gulp to search and transpile files ending with. Var config src: 'src/scripts dest: 'dist/scripts' ; var es6FileGlob. Es6.js var gulp require gulp var plugins var glob require glob var path require path var browserify require browserify var babelify require babelify var source / takes an array of bundles to run through browserify and babelify function rEach(function(fileEntry) var browserifyBundle browserify( entries: cPath ).transform(babelify.

Thankfully, tools like babel exist that make this process next to painless. Using Babel in your build Process. Babel allows wrinkled you to take javascript written using ES2015 features and transpiles it back to es5 so that it can work in browsers that don't support these features today. Adding Babel to your build process can be done like. Var gulp require gulp var babel require gulp-babel gulp. Task default function return c src/app. Pipe(st dist the one feature babel can't transpile is Modules.

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Top New western movies list. Theme: Select theme:3DComic bookfound footageSuperheroVampireZombie, genre: Trending Nowdvd date (USA)Popularityimdb Rating (Users)RottenTomatoes (Users)RottenTomatoes (Critics)MetaCritic (Critics)Theatrical Gross. Year: usa (dvd)ukaustraliaIrelandNew zealandSouth 1,720 views 530 views 400 views 320 views 260 views 230 views 210 views 200 views 1 2 3, copyright (c) 2017 m, privacy policy. ES2015 (formally es6) is a fantastic step forward for the klachten javascript language. It brings new features and sugaring for patterns that required significant boilerplate in ES5. This includes classes, arrow functions and modules. In this episode, we cover tools we use to take full advantage of ES2015 when building javascript web-apps. Transpilation with Babel, although javascript engines are making great progress in implementing ES2015 features natively, there is one gotcha. To use the complete set of features today, you will need to transpile your code back down to es5 so it can be interpreted by current browsers.

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